Music Is In My Ears

What does Galileo have to do with a Rhapsody? Music brought Galileo back to Earth for six minutes. Does music take us up into the cosmic universe?

An amazing thing I found myself in the company of great men like Galileo, Newton, and Einstein, all under the same roof at the same time. The reason they were gathering together, the time had sped forward a few centuries, was that they wrote letters or discoveries in Physics.

Physics is nature as it comes from life. Physics is explained by both nature and math. Great physicists and mathematicians brought natural phenomena to our understanding.

Music, on the other hand, takes us up into a higher cosmic sphere and deep emotions. Why is it that music touches our soul? It makes us cry, or dance? It uplifts the spirits of a crowd, it angers or energizes it. We get connected thru music. Are we connected to the universe by listening to music?

I felt deep emotions watching Bohemian Rhapsody, notably the AIDS concert that brought a few thousand-crowd together and up on its toes. The movie touches hearts on so many levels, from the uncanny music Queen produced to the struggles thru which Freddy Mercury went throughout his life, including the tensions and rejections among friends, family, and society.

There were several social unsolved mysteries of the time such as dying from AIDS, living with his sexual orientation, going thru the pain of the creative process, getting pressure from friends, family, and society. Living it up to being a Queen.

Music speaks to our hearts. Science speaks to our minds.

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