Can you change?

Why build something original every time? Artists do that, and they incorporate familiar elements in their new work. Artists work alone or in small teams. Change is feasible and faster to adopt even though you might have to break, mold or forge new relationships, ease up old grudges, or negative feelings. People matter here.

Can you change? Say the client has the goal of “milking the cow” and you don’t. Are you ready for a change?

You don’t expect the same ROI as your client does. Or, your ROI is measured differently in your books. The growth is not aligned with your resources anymore, or it is insignificant in your market.

The next feasible step is you part away from your client. Most likely he becomes your competitor instead of a part of your community. What happens when you abandon your initial goals? What becomes to your constituents; to your beliefs? What happens with the infrastructure, stock of goodwill (hopefully)? What happens to the common assets you have built together? Is it safe to change? Can you still sell? It’s a decision you don’t make lightly.